How do I get access to systems of the imaging facility?

You ask any member of the facility how to do this. You will get an appointment and/ or the links to the forms to fill. Once the forms filled you will get an appointment for a training.

How would I know which system to ask for?

A discussion and filling appropriately the training form will allow us to help you with the choice.

How do I book a slot?

Once trained on a system you get the possibility to book it using our booking system.

Can I get trained by a member of my team who knows how to use a system?

No. You must be trained by a member of the facility.

Can I book a system for someone else using my credentials or use someone else’s slot?

No. The person operating the system must be the one who has booked it.

Can I cancel/modify my booking?

You can cancel/modify your slot 24 hours in advance at the latest.

Can I get a theoretical basic imaging training?

Yes. Do not hesitate to ask for it.

Can I get assisted while using a system?

Yes. If you ask a member of the facility (several days) in advance.

Can I use a system outside of office hours?

Yes. But in most of the cases you will not get any assistance or troubleshooting by the members of the facility. And you must keep a DATI with you if you are alone.
– Absence of staff – you write an email to the facility members.
– Presence of staff – you find or call a member of the facility to help you out.

What should I do if I break something?

This can happen to everyone. Don’t panic. Just make sure that you have immediately notified the facility staff directly or by e-mail. This concerns any type of incident: breaking a part of a microscope (or breaking it entirely), a cover glass, a slide, bottom of a glass-bottom dish, spilling something in/on the microscope etc.

How long can I keep the data I acquired on the computers of the systems?

You must transfer your data to your personal location ASAP. The hard drives are being regularly emptied without notice.

Can I eat or drink during my long imaging?

Not in microscopy, image analysis or sample preparation rooms of the facility.

Can I listen to music using my headphones while imaging or processing my images in the facility?

No if it prevents you from hearing a fire or any other alarm.