Primary access to the quant facility

To get the primary access to the facility the potential user must describe the project using the training form. The form is provided by the quant team members.

Usage of the facility equipment

The access to the equipment of the facility is granted following an appropriate training by an engineer of the facility. After the training and a supervised session the possibility of autonomous usage is granted.

The access is regulated by booking via the online booking system. The usage of any type (imaging, data transfer, preheating etc.) and duration is subject to booking. The usage of the sample preparation space, incubators, hood is subject to booking. The modification/cancelation of a slot is possible 24h in advance at the latest upon request. The actual usage must correspond to the booked slot.

Neither installation of software nor modifications of existing software/hardware settings are allowed.

Disassembling or modifications of any components of imaging systems even in the case of malfunctioning are not allowed. Replacing of objectives or filter cubes is not allowed. A modification of the latter type can be requested from a facility a day in advance at the latest and is subject to acceptance by a member of the facility. Changing the location of the lamps is not allowed.

Changing the temperature of rooms is not allowed. Changing the temperature and gas parameters of the facility incubators is not allowed.


Both eating and drinking are prohibited in the rooms containing the systems. Deactivating laser interlocks is prohibited. Going behind the systems is prohibited. Using gloves while manipulating microscopes is prohibited.

Using headphones is not recommended. If you decide to use headphones, make sure you are able to hear a fire or any other alarms.

If an alarm sounds leave the building immediately.


An assisted session can be requested in advance and is subject to acceptance by a member of the facility.


The objectives, sample mounting stages, benches and desks must be left clean after the usage of a system. Any leftovers will be discarded without notice.


If not specified otherwise, systems must be switched off by the last user of the day according to the booking system.


Any incident occurred must be reported immediately to the facility (by e-mail in the absence of the staff). It concerns the malfunctioning of microscopes and computers (e.g. crashes, electric discharges), and also breaking of coverslips, leakages of immersion oil or media etc.


The requests are dealt with in a chronological order, no priority access is granted, but the quant facility staff optimizes equipment and manpower by grouping trainings requested within a short-time interval.